I am amazed at the complex building blocks that make up our living bodies, or the structure of a tree that withstands high winds, or the formation of crystals deep within the ground.  Forms, whether organic or inorganic, all share a similar formal structure.  All things are made up of like compounds and in nature there is perfect harmony between elements as they coexist with one another. 

The highest form of creation is life itself.  In observing animate and inanimate objects I have intertwined aesthetic elements of both in an attempt to assimilate the perception of life in my work and maintain an industrial/man-made character.  Processes of nature act as factories, placing structure upon structure (known as growth). These processes are imitated by man in the form of industry or engineering.

Found objects form the basic structures of my sculptures.  By way of grinding, welding and combining industrial found objects along with contemporary materials I am able to create the amalgamation of organic and inorganic elements manifest in my work. Further emphasis in structure is imitated by introducing imprinted formal patterns onto surfaces and filling vessels with substance to create full, life-like effects.  Contrasting high gloss finishes delineate a synthetic side.  Colors are symbolic as well as functional and accentuate the contrasts between surfaces.  During this process a transformation occurs as the found objects transcend from death to life.

- Gary Hickerson

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